Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bamboo cutting board

This is a nice small bamboo cutting board. 

The unit has a rotating handle that lets you stand it like a sign if you wanted to display it instead of use it.

I can engrave pretty much anything you would want on them. 

The back side I left alone.

Ready to use. 

email me please.

Friday, January 13, 2017

First small relief map I am making of Lake Geneva

This is an 11 inch version for prototype purposes. Obviously no sanding or anything done finishing wise yet in this one,. 

Real one will be larger and more detail. 

Just an experiment cut before initial production.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Engagement Ring boxes

These nice little boxes are for someones wedding rings. The two chambers are due to the fact they have a carbon ring and a gold ring. Some in process images. 

Machining a "lug" so I can hold it in the vice
Inlays are inserted and glued in place.

Start of the 3d profile

My favorite part is when the inlay starts to come through the top side. 

This one is curly Paela and Ash burl in the center

This is the second one

Walnut and 1/4 sawn Sycamore

inside of the lids are domed as well. 

don't mind the hairy legs and slippers. -4 degrees this morning

The wide edge is the hinge side

She is going to be pretty once sanded and finished out. 

Need something for that special day in your life, or special person perhaps?

drop me a note I would love to do something for you too.