Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lets Talk about Wood...........

Old versus new wood. which is better? Ill let you be the judge. whenever I do something custom for someone I always ask, do you want new wood or repurposed old wood that could be 85-100 years old?
Most say new, but they just don't understand......

You caught a glimpse of the machined "old wood" in the second picture.

Absolutely stunning, the grain this "old" wood has. This board looked like crap quite honestly but look after I made a cut. Don't judge a book by its cover. Its always amazing to see what is in that board. This is a prototype of what I am calling the "buck box" soon to be the "buck book". They will hold 20 of what ever denomination bills you have in your wallet and keep it relatively hidden. If you put it in the fire though its not my fault. The buck book will have an engraved spine to put on the shelf with the rest of your books.

Thanks for looking everyone. Please send some business my way. I will try and make that special gift work for you.

New Wood.... 

There is a lot to be said. If I am making something for someone I know, I opt for old wood. Why? It was originally something else. Now it is something for me. There is a legacy. It has been repurposed and has survived and will continue to survive. I made some items earlier this summer with wood I know was almost 100 years old. It will go on many, many more decades.
Mine may not be as good as the original purpose of the wood, but I kept it from the fire place.

Its always a blast to peel that layer back and see what you have to work with, I work pieces around the wood the best I can.
Please get in touch with me a
I would love to make something special for you.

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