Monday, October 13, 2014

Old Wood revisited

 Ah playing with old wood again.
I was looking through my scrap boxes and started laying of a mix match of woods. I was happy to see how they turned out.
Old old old walnut with red cedar

My favorite part the break through

Carrying on the conversation from earlier posts, I just love what gem was hiding in this board. This walnut is so old. It smells old. I am going to be doing this more often now utilizing the scraps from old projects.
Small piece of Santos Mahogany I had laying around with hard maple on the lip.
Will make a nice pencil box.

9 Inches long by 7/8 wide. Will make a very nice pencil box for someone.

 Nice sandwich
I will be sanding and finishing this out very soon. This is right of the machine.

Holidays are coming. Got something in mind for someone significant? Drop me a note and we can make it happen for you.
Thanks for looking.

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