Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Coat/Shirt Racks

I am trying to get a few different ideas together for my wife for a craft fair near the end of the month. Every night I told her I will make you between one and many things.
Keep in mind they still need pegs glued in, sanding, staining and finishing.
I will send finished pictures soon. But this is what I was able to tonight after I got home from work. Dinner now.
These are V-Carved images of various things. I have yet to figure out what "things" people want because no one tells me :) (except WRSA https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/ I have been working on the design and have material laid  up. soon very soon)
Yes they will all have pegs!
These pics are in various states sorry. I really try and bust my ass to get a bunch of things done in a couple hours a night.

see pegs!


Awe look at that cute CNC in the back. At some point I will show my completed shop...... Its just not completed yet :(

Thanks -Bill


  1. If that fucking guy would ever get his lazy ass over there and finish it. I tell ya, my bosses keep me tied up alot

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  3. Your words brother not mine. I would never ever say the "F" word.