Monday, June 29, 2015

The Purple Heart Sister box to the Bubinga Box

Purpleheart, Mahogany, and Hickory knot.
Finished natural with 14 coats of finish on lid and wet sanded to a high luster. 

Purpleheart inside tray with elliptical pattern dividers. 
storage underneath for larger items. 

Here they both are together. I made the purpleheart box the same time I did the bubinga one. just never finished it. Honestly I never really tried to sell these too hard before this last weekend. 

These can be purchased singly or as a pair. I would make deal on the two as I think they belong in the same home myself. 

These are still available but I don't think they will make it through the next craft fair coming up in Williams Bay at the end of July. They aren't that expensive but aren't that cheap either. email me and lets see if we can come together.

Thank you so very much. I really appreciate the letters. Keep them coming. -Bill

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