Friday, July 17, 2015

Puppy Urn

This will soon be the final resting place for a greyhound dog.
We met a lady in Cedarburg that was almost in tears about her dog. Losing these beasts is a terrible thing. Might as well rip your heart out. Every time we lost a dog, we always said no more. My philosophical sense in me told my wife, "If we don't get another dog, It will still be alive anyway, just without our loving home. We are better off getting another one."
This will be my philosophy until I am dead, with the other caveat that all dogs need other dogs. One must have a good Brace of dogs to be whole in my opinion. Not only will they love you and protect you... all of them, they will love and protect each other more than a human can.   
This is right off the machine no sanding or anything. It will get finished up this weekend so old girl can get out of her metal tin and in to a soft warm place.
This is a pretty big box for me to make depth wise and did take a few hoops to jump through.
Its overall size is 6x6x5.25 inches.

More images to follow once complete. sorry for getting philosophical on all of us tonight.
ignore the tooth fairy boxes behind... those are a PITA as they are so small. :) jeez can nothing make me happy? IM KIDDING LOL!


  1. Someday it may be a box for me; not quite yet though). We've already discussed that, if you remember?
    You do great work. Glad to see how far you've come.

  2. Well that's a nice thing to say Dave Thanks.

    Well I am working on a box for you yet just not the same type! LOL