Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Finished images of previous projects

Customer wanted A high gloss finish on all the items.
I personally prefer to use water based urethanes on most projects. A little secret I use a very high quality hardwood floor finish. Water based finishes like these are self leveling and very forgiving. They are tough as nails because people walk on it so it has to be. They dry fast and multiple coats can be done quickly and your not waiting half days for re-coats. Another advantage is the smell is virtually none. Water based finishes can grow old on you so beware and once they tend not to work as expected get rid of it and its time to get a new can.
 Again this is a desk valet made from African mahogany.
I rarely ever finish the insides of boxes. these are custom engraved on the insides.
The decal I place on items are easily removed and kept for future contact for the next order.
Cherry and black walnut



  1. They were great gifts, Bill. I'm writing the post up now and will link this post to it.

  2. Bill, as I have told you over the course of many emails, I absolutely LOVE these! I was so proud to send them to my parents as their Christmas gifts, and too, as Miss Cleda opened hers on Christmas Eve. Ken's mom was beside herself. She was absolutely stunned by it! I cannot wait for the phone call from Mom and Dad, once their package arrives, as I was slow on the draw at getting it out. Thank you again, for your attention to the details I wanted for each of the special people they were intended for, I could not be happier.