Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cooking 12 pounds of Venison

Alright this post is a little different than most. If I have a talent to some extent is I can cook a bit. I enjoy it, and I do like when I can help someone out. A buddy asked if I could help him cook for 15 people or so. He had a very good year deer hunting and knocked down three. He brought over a bag full of meat, and I gave him a grocery list.

4 pounds White onions, 2 bulbs garlic, 1 pound salted butter, 6 cups heavy cream. Sauté until onions are translucent.
I like to use celery seed, black pepper and to help kill some potential gaminess from the meat I use beef bullion instead of salt.

The thing to realize is this is an enormous Cabela's cast iron skillet. It will not fit in the oven. DAMN IT! I always wanted one and finally broke down and got it last year. With the lid its got to weigh 65 pounds or so empty. You can cook 5-6 full fryer chickens at the same time on a open fire or coal bed. ITS AWESOME. We actually baked some cakes last summer camping and made pizza in it as a Dutch oven. It does span all burners on my stove however I only use the center one for this. Low and slow is my plan. It lets all the flavors get through and keeps the deer nice an tender. I never let it boil either because a bit later we add cream and I don't want to break the cream.
Add the Venison and add more celery seed, pepper and bullion cubes. eventually add water for a nice broth. I will get it to the point where its swimming in a nice brown gravy, fully cooked venni, and quite honestly ready to eat.
Add 4 pounds or so of mushrooms, as well as some more water as these guys will absorb quite a bit. again slowly sneak up on the seasonings, more pepper, more bullion, more water, watch the amount of celery seed however. That can get overwhelming if too much. Sneak up on everything though because you can always add more. You have to taste continuously and adjust as needed. I don't want to be adding sugar to try and kill too much salt.

I leave the shrooms on the top for a bit with seasoning on top, cover with lid and let it steam nice and slow.

At this point you want it to be slightly saltier than you would normally want.
Remove lid and add cream. Heavy cream is preferred, but you can use heavy whipping cream. No cream of mushroom soup here. ( Look if you got to do it, do it but come on we have gone this far and are almost 3 hours in. Don't cheat)

I love me my Cabela's pan.
You may have to add some corn starch to thicken it up if you have it too runny as this is to be eaten over biscuits, toast, bread, or mashed potatoes. Get ready to be stuffed because you wont stop until your licking the pan clean.
I thought I would share something a bit different for me. I hope you enjoyed it.

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