Monday, March 21, 2016

Sharp corners

I am turning over a new leaf in my boxes. I thought I would share the progress. This is not completed yet as I am going to be adding some additional inlays in this inlaid lid.

Black Walnut and Birdseye Maple
I am really digging the sharp corners. What has me going down this path is my box of cut offs is overwhelmed and bulging. A perfect excuse to experiment.
All miters are completely CNC machined and well as the inlay itself.

This box dimensionally is within .003 of an inch from side to side. That is the advantage to the CNC miters. These last few boxes have changed my game on boxes and you will be seeing more and more of these.
This is the other side. I haven't decided what side I prefer to be the outside of the box.

These do take longer than normal as there are many set ups, re-machines etc. but the end results I believe are much better.
Crisp, sharp, naturally beautiful.
keep looking back to see some new corner miter lock designs coming soon.

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