Saturday, May 14, 2016

Old wood you say hey?

So I have a bunch of really old wood laying around. I know its old because number 1 it has shellac on it, and number two it smells old. Now you may say "Bill, how can you know wood is old by the way it smells?" When I was younger right out of high school I was installing and refinishing old floors in old Victorian houses. This wood smells just like those floors did.
I will show you what this turns into soon, but it is laid up and the glue is drying. Its amazing how old crappy looking wood cleans up. Oh and not that you care but there is a sneak peak at my new vacuum fixture. YES!

Now the third reason I know this wood is really old. I found a damn square nail while I was machining it. It scared the crap out of me. Nice normal machining sounds then SCREEAAAACHBRRRR. I almost jumped through the ceiling. Luckily it didn't damage anything but I did have to dig it out before I could continue.
anyway thanks for looking.

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