Monday, October 24, 2016

Update 2

For those not following along please see below earlier postings. 

Ok the start of the 1/8 inch ball tool. you will start to notice a tremendous amount of detail starting to show. note the bottom left corner is completed versus the upper part. 

This was with the 1/4 ball

This the 1/8 ball, bounce back and forth between these two images a couple times. 

sorry I think the following image is a bit blurry no need to adjust your vision

Ok one with flash now. I hate how it washes out stuff with flash you may see better detail though. 
bottom left corner is cut the rest not. tool is moving at 45 degree angle across the part

See the detail yet?

versus this?

how about the Z-level or vertical contours?

send me an email if for no other reason to say Hi. 

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