Thursday, June 8, 2017

Topographical maps anyone?

This is a personal thing for a lot of people. This one is fairly good sized map of Lake Geneva, WI. About 26 inches long for a wall hanging. Another being made as we speak of Lake Delavan too for the same person. 

This piece is made from White oak. The back is cleared out so it's not so heavy on the wall. I will take images of that once it's finished. 

Compass is correctly facing. Lots to do to finish sand and finish as it is still on the machine. 

Each level represents about 12.5 feet deep or so. 

Need something like this for your den or your "lair"?
 I can do mountains and hidden volcano's too if you like. 

email me please. 

I would seriously appreciate the opportunity to work on your projects too.

Thank you -Bill 


  1. As always your work is gifted.

  2. The picture doesn't do justice to this piece of art. In person, it is REALLY beautiful.