Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This is what I believe to be the final mailbox design for the 1911

I am still working out a few details. I will have prices posted soon, as well as Glock model as well. This is unfinished, but should give you a pretty good idea of what it will be.

This is similar to the other earlier posting, however detail depth has been reduced so I only need one cedar 4x4 per holder. This is a solid piece. I took it outside and dropped it on the concrete a few times. Its solid.

It will ship with a mounting lug and hardware to attach to your post, but when I get this completed I will take more detailed photos of that. 

This pick shows the new shop coming together and what has been keeping me occupied more than anything else. 

The earlier posting of the initial mail box idea will be available also as wall hanging artwork. both left and right sides as well as the Glock design, and S&W revolver styles too once I get some time to make it.

This is what it looks like unfinished or sanded. I am posting this to get a feel for interest. Finished pics to follow soon.

I will get some more pics, and place these in items for sale page as they are ready to roll. 

email me and I will get one together for you custom. Perhaps something machined on the slide? Hmmm he says. 

billsbilletboxes@gmail.com will get one going. 

Thanks -Bill

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