Thursday, February 5, 2015

Look like anyone we know?

This is a machined lithophane of our friend Wirecutter, I believe to be on Morgan rifle corpsman body.

This is going to be a window hanging. that way when its light out side it will show the photorealistic image. This image is based completely on material thickness and nothing more.  

Originally I was going to make this as a back lit LED box. I was having a problems though getting the LED's to not overwhelm the lithophane and wash everything out. they require light but not that much. 

So now it will be held on to a glass window or patio door with suction cup on a wire in wire cutters house I hope. Anyone have a small section of cool barbed wire to donate?

He does not know its coming yet, but I have had this sucker made for a while and want to get it to him. Thanks to Wiscodave. 

It is made from Ponderosa Pine and a piece of polycarbonate. I will stain it and get some more pics once its there and assembled completely.

Isnt it amazing that the material thickness does this? Looks like nothing from this angle

but then hold it up to some light and... BAM!

Can you keep a secret? He probably won't see it for a week or two. Lets try. Tee Hee.