Monday, February 23, 2015

Business Card Holders

Tired of bending your business cards? This should help.
This one is made from cherry,
This particular one is the prototype and is not finished yet. This is right off the machine. Requires some detail finish work yet.
These could be customized with company logo, name, or otherwise.
I have made 10 of these in various species, some of which are two materials to show a nice contrast.
you will have to wait a bit to see them though.

Fits nicely in your front pants pocket or breast pocket.

If you want to stand out and show some class while exchanging business cards with clients, This should do the trick.
email me wont you at ?
 I will get one together for you. keep looking back and I will have the others posted up. I probably wont finish them completely until they are ordered just because each will probably be customized.
Thanks, -Bill

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