Monday, March 9, 2015

A Walnut version custom plaque

 This is an enormous hunk of Walnut. 2 Inches Thick.
This is the back of the piece, the part that will live against the wall. Starting to remove a god amount of material from the back

Those are four mounting feet. The top two will hold the mounting hardware, the bottom two will have rubber feet mounted to them so it hangs off the wall uniformly. 

The part is now flipped over and the roughing on the front side begins. I am now resting on the four machined pads on the back, 

Still Roughing..........

Roughing tool paths are just removing the volume of material so the finish tool don't break when encountering such a dense piece of material. The smaller the finish tool the more detail can be attained. You can start to make out the rough shapes. I leave material on all faces for the finish cutters. 

Well we are a few hours in now and the roughing is finished. Its about 7:30 so time to call it a day now. Semi-finishing and finish passes to come soon.  

Need custom designed artwork? email me yours ideas. You may be surprised how inexpensive they can be.

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