Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Veggy cutters!

This is the opposite of the Piggy Boards cutting boards. This way you can keep your meat wood separate from your veggy wood. Makes sense to me.
Now Piggy board is completely finished with food safe finishes. Veggy wood is right off the machine. Finished pictures to follow.

If nothing else these little critters may make you smile while your cutting your vegetables once you realize your not eating PORK! 

Ya that drink is leaded! I got me a Jack and Coke.
Walnut is an amazing wood. It absolutely comes alive when you finish it. The color is natural in both cases.

This particular piggy board is jointed with 3 pieces of wood. The veggy board is one solid piece. if you wood....would like a set. perhaps from cherry? Now that has you thinking hey? Seriously though I would love to make something for you. Really, I really wood! Ha I kill me. :)
Thanks for looking -Bill

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