Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First tooth and first curl boxes

I made two designs for this. The first one is made from aromatic cedar. It will eventually have a removable tray for other keepsakes. small opening in bottom is 1x1 inch for the tooth the other is 3 inches for the hair curl.
Box feature magnetic closure. approx. 8x8x3 inches
Sanded and finished pictures to follow soon.

This is the second design, Made from black walnut and cherry internal lids.
Again feature smaller magnetic closure, this time with machined lips for individual lids for both the curl and tooth sections.
This one is approx. 8-3/8x3-5/8x1-1/2 inches.

Again both these boxes are preliminary images. Both have internal hinges.
I will post up completed pictures very soon. both designs can be made from any type of wood you would like, and well can be personalized as well.
Do you have any thoughts or ideas for something you need for your self? shoot me an email at

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