Thursday, May 28, 2015

Please all take a minute

And Pray for Wiscodave
Strong man and without him I could not have done any of this.
Going in for open heart surgery in the next day or two. He wont like me posting this but too bad!
I love you like a brother. you'll pull through!
God Bless


  1. No worries.
    Thanks, Bill.

  2. To Wisco Dave-

    First of all- thoughts and prayers to you.
    Open heart surgeries are routine stuff nowadays,as long as you do what the doc tells you to before surgery. I'm sure it's kinda painful though.
    Just press the button-and the morphine is given to you on demand.
    I've been through more surgeries than anyone should ever have to go through-ain't none of them easy-a HUGE part of getting through and recovering from the surgery is attitude-
    just believing in your ability to recover, and having the will to get better is a big part of it-as is knowing you have family,friends-and strangers like me pulling for you.
    Heard nothing but good things about you,and heard that you're a man who gets things done-so get this one done, and over with so you can keep on doing what you do for the Patriot/III% community.

    Miss Barb
    and all six daughters are praying for you.