Monday, July 24, 2017

Updated images of the lid coming together

Its not completed yet but it's been a few since I shared any images of stuff I have been doing. 

Remember that previous post (see below this one)
This center piece is made from that old nasty looking wood. Not so nasty was it?
What you are also seeing on the border of the lid is curly Aspen with mitered jointing. 

It's really quite amazing how well it cleaned up. 
Now that hint of purple you see on the one edge is a surprise for next time once I finish machining the lid to actual finish size. It is a one inch thick piece of purple heart. That one piece more than tripled the weight of the lid. Impressively massively dense species of wood. 

I have to then engrave the special message on the top. Lighten the inside of the lid, machine hinge pockets etc. Then off to the base. 

Please come back and keep looking. I can do something for you too, all you have to do ask. I have had the largest hit month this month so far in the history of this blog site since I started it about 3 years ago. Thank you all who keep coming back.

Thank you -Bill

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