Sunday, July 9, 2017

Working on a very special box finally!!!!

I came across some more 80-100 year old walnut. I know its that old because the last piece I came across from the same batch of wood I had gotten from someone I found a square nail in it "Accidentally".

This board fooled me because it is SOO dry and so light, I was doing some machine test cutting to verify dimensions this morning, then I smelled it. OLD WALNUT!

The start of the decking process to remove my test cuts. 

Getting to proper depth now. 

This piece will be the inside inlaid piece to the lid with very special engraving. 

Now you see old damaged wood!

Now you don't. 

One side finished

Now on to this side next

email me please and let me make something for you too, 
More to follow. 

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