Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Possible custom Project for someone....

Can you guess who?


Leopard Wood anyone?

 Some new design bowls. Again some gorgeous leopard wood. Cannot wait until I get these done.


These are made from some very special rarer woods. Wenge is the darker bowls, an Padauk is the redder colored one, resting on Zebra Wood. These still need to be finished completely but  I haven't posted in a while.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This one cuts machine time in half. This is right off machine un-sanded or finished in any way, but the ones shipped will be. however, I will offer these up for $38.00 with brass corners or $33.00 without. It will still have hanging device.
Hang on your front door, office door, crapper door, anywhere you think you want people to know whats up with the person behind the door.... and what they might expect.
Colors, sure what ever you want. Material, again you tell me and I will make it happen.
I will make the III ones at the lighter depth too and see how their times shake out. I will offer both though to anyone that wants the deeper ones too.

Also the helmet is Cherry wood where the III is Black Walnut. But both can be made from anything you like.
To get them to you. Drop me a note please.
Thanks for looking guys.

3D Hand carved look Helmet

In an effort to make these a bit more cost effective perhaps even in half, I have lightened up the depth of the relief by about 50% in hopes to reduce cycle time by half. I may get 25% here. I also increased step over of small .125 ball endmill some from .008 per pass to .011 per pass. this should yield pretty good results we will know in about 30 minutes. look for new design.

3D "Hand Carved" Look III Wall Plaques

Material Walnut or Cherry (or anything you want really). Dimensions are 3 1/4 x 5 inches. 3/4 inch thick. This particular piece is a repurposed walnut from over 80 years ago.

These Plaques are fully 3D machined with and 1/8th inch ball end mill and take over an hour to machine the relief alone.  Cost $75.00
This example is finished natural. Brass corners and wall mount included. without Brass corners cost $70.00. it will just have sharp square corners.
drop a note to if you are interested and I can get them out to you right away. Also they can be personalized if so desired. get with me for any details.
Thank you -Bill