Monday, November 28, 2016

Third one coming a long.

Quite a bit of hand work to finish up on this one. 
A couple shows and another project jumping in the middle here and there. There will be finished images very soon.

Purple Heart Frame, Cherry corner locks, maple insert in middle

Decking it to thickness

The beginning of the decking off

start of the engraving

depth controls the shading, and the pieces start breaking out around the main engrave

Hand work with chisels

getting closer

and closer

a couple shot back on the machine. 

I found a couple spots I wanted to clean up.

And this showed the engraving better. 

Tons of work to do on this sign, but still will be a really cool piece. 

email me

I will work something up for you too!

Friday, November 11, 2016

2 of the 3 complete

One is a little farther along the finish train, but they are progressing nicely. 
The third one is of purple heart and maple with a different layout.

Jefferson Davis sign

This is a walnut and curly hickory sign. 

I will share more images as this one completes.

This piece is laid up already and now decking to thickness

Taking her down

see the glue joint

getting there, this is actually the back of the sign. 

Start of the engraving 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bubinga, Purple heart and Cherry

Three great tastes, that taste great together..... Well I guess I don't know how they taste but it seems I had heard that somewhere before. 

Nice small box using up some smaller drop falls from previous project

Bubinga on the perimeter, purple heart in the center

Cherry making of the base.

Take a look around. If you see something I still may have it, If I don't anymore I can make you another one.

If you have a unique idea, drop me a note and lets talk about it and get a project started for you. Holidays are quickly approaching.... 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dub, Dub, Dub, Double fish...........

I have triple quads and super Ninja Northern Fish Bowls too

I think you can tell which ones are finished

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