Monday, August 1, 2016

Vases vases vases

I'm not exactly sure what got me making vases, but i really kind of like doing it

A few more of the trio

These are obviously not done yet

so keep poppong back and I should get them finished up in a week or so. 

Start of Vessel 3

Black walnut with some nice figuring to it. 

Roughing it outside shape

Finish ball mill cutting

Trying some with the flash on

Deep rich contours

First half complete machined, needs sanding yet

Look at the twist

And more twist

Twisty Twisty

Should get to the other half tomorrow night, I cannot wait to see how it comes together. 

Should look something like this
from Front

From top

Goofy side angle

Shoot me a note

Vessel 2 aromatic cedar

Its still in need of some sanding yet

Smells wonderful

About 7 inches tall

I'll post up completely finished images soon.