Monday, November 30, 2015

Some pictures from the latest show we were at

Some of the finished wine and beer flights.
Wine bottle racks, freestanding fish bottle balancing act with some different coasters, business card holders etc.

Wine flights or potential wall art

Glass server with embedded gears

We were limited to one 6 foot table but all in all we were able to display quite a bit of items.

If you see anything here, or need something very unique for yourself or a unique person in your life please email me at
Thank you as always-Bill

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Busy Month its been

We have been busy on a lot of little projects for ourselves and others too. Holidays you know.  Following are some images of pieces in process to give you an idea of how some of this is done.
These are repeat cuts of the first tooth and first hair cut boxes. They seem to be quite popular. I was asked to make 2, but the material would allow me to make 4 so waste not! I will have two for the next show.
Black Walnut and Bubinga, and Cherry and Paduak.
Surface decking
Start of the pocketing

3D milling the inside lips

Walnut set ready for sanding. note the magnet pockets for closure.

Now the start of the cherry

3D lip cutting

Lids test fitting

tops of the inside lids not cut yet

Bubinga inside lid cut half way

Now the Paduak

Tops of the inside lids now machined
Cherry and Paduak

Still have to finish sand and stain, mount the magnets and hinges, but they are basically there.
Do you need a unique gift for someone special for Christmas? We still have time but got to get going on it now.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bills playing with joints?!?

Right off the machine, nothing done yet and no glue in that joint. Its a really tight fit no glue joint.
Black Walnut and hard maple.

In all seriousness, This is a lid for a new Box I'm making.
drop me a note I like to meet new friends.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Glass server

Now these can be used for any style glass really, this is being modeled with stem less wine glasses.
These can be engraved or customized to suite your specific needs.

Pilsner beer glass flights

 Classic pilsner beer glass flights.
Top one are made from Ash, middle on from hickory and bottom one is walnut.
These need to be sanded and finished yet with images to follow soon. as you know I like to show things in progress.

Need a custom Christmas or birthday gift for the beer drinker in your life?

Random beer glass flights

2 handle 3 glass and 4 glass flights 
3 up is oak 4 up is from hickory
These can be customized, engraved, or purpose built to suite your needs.
Oak 3 glass 2 handle

4 glass with a supported 2nd handle


2 up 3 up 4 up single handle

These still need to be sanded and finished but I have been working on a lot of little projects as of late that has kept my posting down for a couple weeks.
please email me if I can make a few of these for you too.

Free standing wine bottle fish

So if someone tells you that you drink like a fish, now you can prove it.
This one is made from cherry. think of it as a conversation piece during a gathering.

Once bottle is inserted to the proper depth, it will balance.