Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some III coasters for friends in Texas

These are made with hard maple.

He wanted Two with the helmet and two with the III

I tried something different to give the illusion of more depth in the III ones.

These will be shipped probably tomorrow if he gets me his ship to address.
If you would like something like this send me an email at
Thanks -Bill

More Card cases

Here are a couple more cases.
Two tone hard maple and ash.
Once I get this initial run completed, they will be available in the for sale section.

How about a nice III engraved on it perhaps?


Monday, February 23, 2015

Business Card Holders

Tired of bending your business cards? This should help.
This one is made from cherry,
This particular one is the prototype and is not finished yet. This is right off the machine. Requires some detail finish work yet.
These could be customized with company logo, name, or otherwise.
I have made 10 of these in various species, some of which are two materials to show a nice contrast.
you will have to wait a bit to see them though.

Fits nicely in your front pants pocket or breast pocket.

If you want to stand out and show some class while exchanging business cards with clients, This should do the trick.
email me wont you at ?
 I will get one together for you. keep looking back and I will have the others posted up. I probably wont finish them completely until they are ordered just because each will probably be customized.
Thanks, -Bill

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Look like anyone we know?

This is a machined lithophane of our friend Wirecutter, I believe to be on Morgan rifle corpsman body.

This is going to be a window hanging. that way when its light out side it will show the photorealistic image. This image is based completely on material thickness and nothing more.  

Originally I was going to make this as a back lit LED box. I was having a problems though getting the LED's to not overwhelm the lithophane and wash everything out. they require light but not that much. 

So now it will be held on to a glass window or patio door with suction cup on a wire in wire cutters house I hope. Anyone have a small section of cool barbed wire to donate?

He does not know its coming yet, but I have had this sucker made for a while and want to get it to him. Thanks to Wiscodave. 

It is made from Ponderosa Pine and a piece of polycarbonate. I will stain it and get some more pics once its there and assembled completely.

Isnt it amazing that the material thickness does this? Looks like nothing from this angle

but then hold it up to some light and... BAM!

Can you keep a secret? He probably won't see it for a week or two. Lets try. Tee Hee.

First 1911 Mail box for sale

After my hectic real work schedule opened up some time that I can finish a few things up.
Mail box pistol is made from western red cedar. It is untreated because it does not have to be, but I did stain it to bring out some of the natural grain. ( I am really not interested in machining green treated pine lumber for these.)
That is my government model 1911 next to it for size comparison. (Modeling next to it is my EDC Ruger LCR .357  Magnum I forgot to move while taking picture :)) Its solid weighing in at about 15 pounds.

Included with the pistol made from cedar is the bottom mounting lug. It is cut at a 7.5 degree angle so the barrel is parallel to the ground. It is counterbored and glued and screwed to the magazine well to the pistol. This will need to be mounted to a 4X4 lumber. If you have a different pole shape contact me please.

It will also ship with two steel brackets and 16 stainless steel lag bolts. This way you can sink your own pole and attach this to the top. If you have needs for another mounting method, contact me and we can make something to fit. Also if you would like a house mounted design too, drop me a note and lets figure it out. Picture below is showing a cut off illustrating how it would go together.

This will ship with cedar pistol, mounting lug to your pole, brackets, bolts and United States Postal Service legal mailbox. (Purchased at Lowes for about $19.00) It is included so it can be custom fit and aligned.

I can tell you this is stronger that my current mailbox post in my front yard by far. As long as your own pole is set well, this will be a very sturdy piece. I will be putting mine in as soon as the spring thaw.
Please see the currently for sale page for price.
If you don't see it there, it only means it has sold. Email me and I will make one for you.

I have about 5 of these ready to be finished as you see them. I will this weekend have a Glock style at least partially finished as well with and S&W revolver coming soon modeled from a 629 I am thinking.

Want one custom, perhaps with engraving? Would you like to get one on order?

email me please at

Thank you -Bill

Desk Valet

Well I have now made a few of these desk valets and people really seem to like them. 
Keep all you pocket goodies together when not in your pocket. 

Thank you to my new friends in Michigan, I hope she enjoys it.
Made from some pretty old black walnut, that did give me a bit of a challenge, but it did turn out nicely. Apparently she trains service dogs a very good job to have I would think. 

Hand rubbed in natural Danish oil

Finished with multiple coats of oil based polyurethane

Little rubber feet to keep it from sliding off the dresser

If something like this interests you why don't you drop me a note at
and lets get one started for you. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This is what I believe to be the final mailbox design for the 1911

I am still working out a few details. I will have prices posted soon, as well as Glock model as well. This is unfinished, but should give you a pretty good idea of what it will be.

This is similar to the other earlier posting, however detail depth has been reduced so I only need one cedar 4x4 per holder. This is a solid piece. I took it outside and dropped it on the concrete a few times. Its solid.

It will ship with a mounting lug and hardware to attach to your post, but when I get this completed I will take more detailed photos of that. 

This pick shows the new shop coming together and what has been keeping me occupied more than anything else. 

The earlier posting of the initial mail box idea will be available also as wall hanging artwork. both left and right sides as well as the Glock design, and S&W revolver styles too once I get some time to make it.

This is what it looks like unfinished or sanded. I am posting this to get a feel for interest. Finished pics to follow soon.

I will get some more pics, and place these in items for sale page as they are ready to roll. 

email me and I will get one together for you custom. Perhaps something machined on the slide? Hmmm he says. will get one going. 

Thanks -Bill

Valentines day is right around the corner

This box is available for sale. It is made from mahogany and aromatic cedar. Removable tray. This box measure approx. 6x5x4 inches deep. lined with red felt.
Cost $90.00 + shipping 1 available

This one is a smaller version with no tray.
Small one by itself $65.00+ Shipping only one little one available also.

You may buy them as a set or individual. First email decides their fate. These were made from the same piece of 8/4 Mahogany so they lived together for a long time, but like brother dogs, they will be great together or by themselves.

$140.00 as set.

Drop me an email at and I will get it off to you.

These hearts are made from marble wood.
These measure 4x3.5x1.5 deep. Unlined to show amazing natural color. I cant mess with the big bosses natural design. He has mad skills.
cost $55.00 + shipping 2 Available

These gems are made from black walnut.
lined with red felt.
There are 3 Available currently. cost $40.00 + shipping.

These are the sisters to the walnut. Made from a very pretty Cherry Burl.

4 Available cost $45.00 + shipping

Well it is Valentines day I guess Grins. :)

Drop me an email at and I will get it off to you.