Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Star Gazer

The Star Gazer 4 inch round box. Completely 3-Axis machined. Black walnut wood, natural color finished in satin finish.


The Lazy Daisy

Red cedar daisy box. light weight box measuring 3x3 inches. Daisy is completely 3-Axis machined with a ball end mill.

More information at billesbilletboxes@gmail.com

The Desk Box

Cherry Aspen inlay box. This example is Cherry with fully 3D machined radius with curly aspen inlay with a nice ripple to it. Base is mahogany with machined in feet which also helps to stress relief the box. One available now.

More information contact me at billsbilletboxes@gmail.com

4 Inch Heart

Black Walnut Heart shaped keepsake box. Natural finish, semi gloss. Many available

email at billsbilletboxes@gmail.com for further information.
Thank you.