Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Finished Cherry and Butternut

I posted some images of this one a couple weeks back, and just now got around to finishing it out. Getting it ready for a craft fair this weekend
Finished natural semi-gloss oil based urethane
Inside lined with black velvet. inlay carries through to inside

I guess I could have used a different color back drop LOL

Stressed relieved back with machine in feet.

Liquid Wood?

This was a fun little project from cherry. Completely 3D machined inside and out.

Nice little Feet machined into the base.

Lined with Blue Velvet

Look interesting?
Drop me a note at and they can be yours, or I can make you something That you like.
Thanks for looking.

This is the Box the lucky New Yorker won.

I  hope you enjoy it and congratulations.
This is Cherry and Purple Heart wood inlays.
Relieved bottom with machined in feet lined with red felt.


3D Skull Coasters

I have to fill them yet but thought I would show them stained. When they are filled with the binary liquid Gel coat it will be flat and skull should look like its climbing out. Booo are you scared yet its Halloween you know.....
These are made from Cherry

More of Bills Ridiculously small tooth boxes Tee hee

These are fun
Curly Aspen, Cherry, and Bubinga

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Im going to see something....

First person to send me an email today will get a free box, my choice, you pay for shipping. just say "Box Please."

***Update We have a winner***
I will be doing this again in a couple weeks. Keep watching!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hidden Box plaques

A lovely piece of antique walnut
when hanging on the wall you will never know that the back is hollowed out.
In this configuration if will hold at least 40 dollar bills.

Finished Product

I can make these out of any material you would like with any artwork as well.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebony coco bolo update

Update on the Ebony Coco Bolo box.
Haven't had a chance to sand it yet, but this week.
I came to the conclusion that this box didn't want to be made. A number of challenges along the way for various reasons. It is finally seeing things my way.

I did manage to keep part of the Pulp edge, not as much as I wanted buts its nice and subtle

The material costs of this piece will put this at a pretty high price point. I will get it sanded and cleared out and will post finished images I hope this week.
Would you like it? drop me a note and it can be yours.
Thanks -Bill

Old Wood revisited

 Ah playing with old wood again.
I was looking through my scrap boxes and started laying of a mix match of woods. I was happy to see how they turned out.
Old old old walnut with red cedar

My favorite part the break through

Carrying on the conversation from earlier posts, I just love what gem was hiding in this board. This walnut is so old. It smells old. I am going to be doing this more often now utilizing the scraps from old projects.
Small piece of Santos Mahogany I had laying around with hard maple on the lip.
Will make a nice pencil box.

9 Inches long by 7/8 wide. Will make a very nice pencil box for someone.

 Nice sandwich
I will be sanding and finishing this out very soon. This is right of the machine.

Holidays are coming. Got something in mind for someone significant? Drop me a note and we can make it happen for you.
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Griffins anyone?
This is going to be a lid for a large box.
Tic toc Christmas and the holidays is coming everyone. If you are looking for something special and unique for someone I need to get started on these project now.
Drop me an email at and we can get started on your project too.