Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wedding Party Boxes

I have been a bit tardy in my posting this summer for two reasons. Work, and enjoying some time off this summer with my daughter and family. 

Aromatic cedar bases and with birds eye maple lids. 

These are not sanded yet or finished in any way. 

The start of the process getting the bases flat

Starting the base pockets

All pocket and perimeters cut

Just a closer look 

Bases off the machine with undercuts inside the base. Look closely. 
Also Note the 3D rolled lips

Maple Lids starting along their way.  

Inside of lids cut, these will have rolled edges too. 

 A little sanding and finishing and we are set. 


Monday, July 24, 2017

Updated images of the lid coming together

Its not completed yet but it's been a few since I shared any images of stuff I have been doing. 

Remember that previous post (see below this one)
This center piece is made from that old nasty looking wood. Not so nasty was it?
What you are also seeing on the border of the lid is curly Aspen with mitered jointing. 

It's really quite amazing how well it cleaned up. 
Now that hint of purple you see on the one edge is a surprise for next time once I finish machining the lid to actual finish size. It is a one inch thick piece of purple heart. That one piece more than tripled the weight of the lid. Impressively massively dense species of wood. 

I have to then engrave the special message on the top. Lighten the inside of the lid, machine hinge pockets etc. Then off to the base. 

Please come back and keep looking. I can do something for you too, all you have to do ask. I have had the largest hit month this month so far in the history of this blog site since I started it about 3 years ago. Thank you all who keep coming back. 


Thank you -Bill

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Working on a very special box finally!!!!

I came across some more 80-100 year old walnut. I know its that old because the last piece I came across from the same batch of wood I had gotten from someone I found a square nail in it "Accidentally".

This board fooled me because it is SOO dry and so light, I was doing some machine test cutting to verify dimensions this morning, then I smelled it. OLD WALNUT!

The start of the decking process to remove my test cuts. 

Getting to proper depth now. 

This piece will be the inside inlaid piece to the lid with very special engraving. 

Now you see old damaged wood!

Now you don't. 

One side finished

Now on to this side next

email me please and let me make something for you too, 
More to follow. 


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tinkering with a couple ideas.

This place has a new friend. I thought I would honor it in some way.

WOO knows, it might open a few doors along the way. 


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Completed lake maps

These are of Delavan Lake, and Lake Geneva here in Wisconsin. 
If you have a special lake and would like one of these for your wall or desk, shoot me over a note and I will get started on it for you too. 

From another angle

This one is from poplar. The stain is natural color finished in a satin, flat finish

They both are approx 24 inches long, the Geneva lake on is slightly larger

Material is red oak

Stain is natural color, finished in satin finish too. 

Let me make something for you too. 


Finished first set of cribbage boards.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Can anyone guess what ancient stategy game I am making?

There might be a prize in it if you are the first one to email me with the correct answer. 

Doing some custom details. 

I am making 4 at a time. 

Live "action V-carving WOO HOO!

Take a shot see it you can guess what it is., 


Making Cribbage boards now,

We will have many designs and styles to come. but I wanted to knock out some basic ones first. 

What you have from left to right is 4 quarter sawn red oak pieces, 1 Curly spalted maple piece, 
and the last is a mix between walnut, oak and padauk ( or this spelling if you prefer. Pterocarpus soyauxii)

I will be getting them finished out in the next day or so, but keep looking you will see more designs and "tricks" with the games.

This one is the curly spalted maple, It is quite special. 

It kind of looks like it has flames going through it, I cannot wait to see it POP when its finished. 


Please drop me a note I bet we can come up with something really cool for you too. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nice new Rustic sign for a new customer

Customer supplied the material slab of Russian Olive wood.  

When dealing with rustic signs you go with the "Knot Flow"
Nice little project for a Saturday afternoon. 

Need something interesting? Please drop me a note lets see what we can make happen.