Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I'm Back!

Hello all. Sorry I have been very belated in my postings over the last 6 months. Reason being I have a new job and I was getting acclimated and focussing on it. 
I feel I have that pretty well handled and I will be back to normal posting here very soon. 

This was a project I worked on over the weekend. 
Wonderful selection of red oak

Nothing can ever be simple with me LOL 

Machined in pockets for locking pads

Brass hardware, back looks as good as the front

Completed stained with golden oak finished with Satin laquer

How do you machine and hold tiny parts you ask? Nest them and leave them nested and tabbed in main body and snap them out and sand them of. Cut off from Cedar project from a while ago. 

Fun little project to knock the dust off "literally"

For those of you that have recently contacted me on a few project, We will get them underway very soon. 

As always, please drop me a note if you think I could make something special for you too. 

Thanks for looking. -Bill