Monday, March 21, 2016

Seeing a theme?

This one is Butternut and Paduak
sitting in its natural surroundings a laptop. LOL

I cant wait to see this one finished.


Sharp corners

I am turning over a new leaf in my boxes. I thought I would share the progress. This is not completed yet as I am going to be adding some additional inlays in this inlaid lid.

Black Walnut and Birdseye Maple
I am really digging the sharp corners. What has me going down this path is my box of cut offs is overwhelmed and bulging. A perfect excuse to experiment.
All miters are completely CNC machined and well as the inlay itself.

This box dimensionally is within .003 of an inch from side to side. That is the advantage to the CNC miters. These last few boxes have changed my game on boxes and you will be seeing more and more of these.
This is the other side. I haven't decided what side I prefer to be the outside of the box.

These do take longer than normal as there are many set ups, re-machines etc. but the end results I believe are much better.
Crisp, sharp, naturally beautiful.
keep looking back to see some new corner miter lock designs coming soon.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Starting to play around with tricky corner joints.

This was test run for a new theme on boxes for me.
 Black Walnut and Oak
This is a cute small "thing" box. I made it as a test piece so I can make larger square corner boxes without warping

I will come up some other design on this, perhaps even inlaid or even 3 dimensional joints

Nice sharp external corners.

One piece lower box, but as I said I was experimenting with some scrap lumber.

Let me make something for you.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Penzey's Spice Rack

This is a project I was helping someone get finished. I designed if from a rough sketch and it holds 15 standard Penzey's bottles. I like it and think I will be making a few of them. This one is from aromatic cedar, but I would make it from anything you like.
This bad boy smells so nice I don't think I will seal it.

Still needs sanding and gluing and is just rough fit now.
This fits in a 12x12x12 inch foot print.

Every panel is CNC machined

I could also design one for you based on your guidelines

More bottles, less bottles, bigger bottles,

If something like this interests you drop me a note and I will get one together for you.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Teeny Weeny Pill box

I had a little a couple square pieces of cherry I walked by every day for 6 months so I had to do something with it.
Nothing fancy just a simple small pill box.
Only holds 6 or 7 small whatever's you need to take,
Fits nicely in your pants pocket.

Keep in mind I can make things like this in any size you would want or desire.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Just wanted to thank everyone....

Who bought something from me recently.....
This is me taken from probably about 4 years ago. My boss purchased a dream car drive for her husband, and he couldn't do it because of work commitments. She asked me if I wanted to do it and I was like YA!
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder
It was a cool ride. Just happened across this picture tonight. Brought back a smile to my face.

Darn Where does the time go?

I came home fully planning on getting this lid together and cut for the new threaded desk valet. Weeeellllll lets just say it didn't happen.
I did manage to lay up the lid parts the walnut and oak, not the inlay yet as I haven't decided on color.
Its still not sanded but the threads did turn out really nice.  
Gives you perspective on size.

8-1/4 inch square blocks.
Black walnut will make up the bottom of the lid for contrast with the oak at the top. The inlay will be a redder color with radiused top. The glue took forever to dry tonight for some reason. Oh well tomorrow I will get the lid cut inside and out, threaded and inlay installed.

Dexter chillin in the back yard

We had a great weekend last weekend temps in the 50's.
today 9 inches of snow.


Need something from a big hunk of aromatic cedar?

large and 10/4 thick
If so send me a note and tell me your ideas and we will get something going for you.

What I am busy with at work at the moment.

I am a sales guy not the guys wrenching, but it still cool.
Imagine what you could do with a  robot this size.

Can you figure out what I am working on?

Working on a concept for a project. I hope we can get a chance to make this.
I am going to be working on the hinging mechanism.


New desk valet

To give you an idea of size, this is 15 1/2 long by 7 3/8 wide.
This is White oak.
That thread that is cut 6 1/8 x 1/8 pitch. and has a relief groove.
Obviously this is right off the machine. The lid will be a combination of white oak, black walnut around the lip and a red inlay of either paduak, purple heart, or blood wood. I haven't decided yet.

I will continue to post images up as it comes along.

Working on threads

Trying my hand at my first thread milling in wood.
In this case red oak and walnut lid. I needed to cut a relief groove, but the next one will have it.

This was just an experiment and it worked out well and will be a cute little box.
I will be creating a new style desk valet with a much larger thread.

Light posting lately

Work has kept me pretty busy as of late learning a lot of new things. but here are a few things I have been finishing.
Black walnut box
Brass Barrel hinges

Brass closure
Finished boxes from earlier post

cute little mirrors