Thursday, February 5, 2015

First 1911 Mail box for sale

After my hectic real work schedule opened up some time that I can finish a few things up.
Mail box pistol is made from western red cedar. It is untreated because it does not have to be, but I did stain it to bring out some of the natural grain. ( I am really not interested in machining green treated pine lumber for these.)
That is my government model 1911 next to it for size comparison. (Modeling next to it is my EDC Ruger LCR .357  Magnum I forgot to move while taking picture :)) Its solid weighing in at about 15 pounds.

Included with the pistol made from cedar is the bottom mounting lug. It is cut at a 7.5 degree angle so the barrel is parallel to the ground. It is counterbored and glued and screwed to the magazine well to the pistol. This will need to be mounted to a 4X4 lumber. If you have a different pole shape contact me please.

It will also ship with two steel brackets and 16 stainless steel lag bolts. This way you can sink your own pole and attach this to the top. If you have needs for another mounting method, contact me and we can make something to fit. Also if you would like a house mounted design too, drop me a note and lets figure it out. Picture below is showing a cut off illustrating how it would go together.

This will ship with cedar pistol, mounting lug to your pole, brackets, bolts and United States Postal Service legal mailbox. (Purchased at Lowes for about $19.00) It is included so it can be custom fit and aligned.

I can tell you this is stronger that my current mailbox post in my front yard by far. As long as your own pole is set well, this will be a very sturdy piece. I will be putting mine in as soon as the spring thaw.
Please see the currently for sale page for price.
If you don't see it there, it only means it has sold. Email me and I will make one for you.

I have about 5 of these ready to be finished as you see them. I will this weekend have a Glock style at least partially finished as well with and S&W revolver coming soon modeled from a 629 I am thinking.

Want one custom, perhaps with engraving? Would you like to get one on order?

email me please at

Thank you -Bill

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