Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Very cool box being created here.

This is for someones special little one. it will be a combination large box with removable tray, tooth fairy box compartment, and overall cool place to keep some stuff. 

Starting off with a little black walnut. about 2 inches thick. 
decking the surface flat

Pocket one cutting

Pocket two cut

tooth fairy box pocket machined into base. It has its own home

Curly Hard Maple again about 2 inches thick

zoomed up image of tooth box pocket

Machined upper level of base

Very cool mineral streaking in the maple, It was placed here intentionally. You cant let that all go to dust

Outside shot of mineral streaking

aromatic cedar that will be used in this piece as removable tray, and an engraved lid feature. Should keep this baby smelling great for years. This box BTW is 12X8 inches by almost 6 inches tall when completed. 

Tray pocket cut. You are seeing this as it happens, This is in process now!

Another shot of the mineral streaks. 

keep tuned.

Let me make something for you too! -Bill

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