Friday, June 3, 2016

8 Threaded boxes.........!!!!!!

 First tool path done to cut the inside lips out and clearance the block.

Second tool.
Second tool cut relief groove for threads. note the small mismatch between the two tools.
I don't like that, so I drop her .006 and cut again.

Nope still there!

Ah that's getting better.

note the curl on the leading edge of the bit.

lip gone.

start of threads

with wood I don't need to be so picky but I am. The industry I sell CNC software to usually is dealing with .0002 or so. I cannot hold anywhere close to that with wood. I can hold a few thousandths though. .003 or so.
I'm Picky Sue Me.  Better yet email me at and let me make something for you. More to follow as the project comes along.
This is my first multiple part set up using vacuum to hold everything down. What a God send!
Thx -Bill

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  1. Glad you got the vacuum working! Clamps are a pain but all I had.
    You're doing great work.