Saturday, September 1, 2018

Random little boxes

Just some fun projects thats been shelved for a while.

Black walnut hard maple, and birdseye maple lid.

Full 3D contoured pull handle

Base of walnut piece is 3D relief cut with ball end mill. 
Hard maple mid section fully 3D cut to make to base piece. 
Walnut on the top surface of the base. Fun project to work on 3d mated jointing.
Seems to work just peachy. 

Interlocking lid design with no machined lip, but machined 3D contours on lid and base piece. 

Black walnut base with fully 3D machine "feet" and lid matching corner notches. 
Purple heart natural color, naturally finished with Satin lacquer. 

Ebony base machined from cut off. I try not to scrap wood if possible. This is machined from the end grain so grain on base is vertical. Machined asymmetrical because the "tail" the base is made from hade an angle cut left on it. so I used that as a design feature. 

Quartersawn sycamore lid, 3D finished on the interior to match the base component. 

Narrow on one end, thicker on the other. Your eyes are not deceiving you. 

When mated together, fit flat. Sweet!

Let me make something for you too.

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